An Introduction to
LP Networks

LP Networks was formed in February 2004 by owner Lee Pepper. Starting with a small client base in the local area the business has grown steadily to become an established company in its field. The approachable team of IT engineers support a number of customers in a variety of locations across London and the South East but not limited to these areas.

Using remote management software it enables us to support throughout the UK.

Company Values:

We understand at LP Networks that there are many companies and ‘experts’ that can install a windows machine and put it on a network. What we intend to do is demonstrate that looking after the PCs or servers is just part of the service, we need to do more and that is what we try to do – go that extra mile for the customer. To do this we have some core values that we hope separates us from the rest.

Customer Service:

With our experience, prior to forming LP Networks being in the customer service industry we have carried thte customer service ethos with us to LP Networks. This has been and continues to be a differentiating factor and has been "drilled" into us throughout our career. This means we will often work out of hours for the customer or take that call over the weekend when they are working abroad or from home. We also understand what is and isn‘t business critical, when the situation warrants it we will simply react as quickly as possible working through the night if necessary – we really work to get the customer back online whatever it takes.

  • Contactable – with email and blackberry phones we are normally online all the time so if we spot an urgent email we can react quickly
  • Response – if required we will get to site that day (or night) if your server is down and we will work through to get it up and running
  • Direct access – there is no digital attendant system, you will speak to a person whom can help directly or get your message to thet appropriate person to help you

Value for money:

All businesses have to earn a living and we are no exception – However we pride ourselves on maintaining a balance between business interests and the interests of our customers. We do not take advantage of a customers IT inexperience. Our margins are fair and we have benchmarked our rates and found them to be hugely comparable.

We look for solutions that although not always appearing the cheapest, will pay back in the mid/long term – we try to look at the bigger picture and explain this to you. Where possible we will show the budget end and also the premium option whilst explaining the benefits of each. Then you can make an informed decision about where you might want to take a more economic purchase and where to spend that little extra.

We also feel that the expertise and experience on offer at LP Networks really does make us great value for money.


We aim to establish a good strong working relationships with our customers and with that comes a degree of honesty. We recognise that we are not infallible but we are continually learning and growing from our experiences and we ensure the positive one s are always repeated and the less positive never repeated. With a combined IT experience of 30 years this learning process provides us with the opportunity to review our practices and processes to ensure they meet the demands of all our customers.


At LP Networks we believe that to give the best service we need to establish a real partnership with our customers. The companies whom we feel receive the best results are those that are realistic in their expectations and work with us to help resolve their IT concerns. This approach helps us to help them. Ultimately we aim to be seen as an integral part of their business.

This can be by enforcing policies to their users, implementing some internal workflow system for the IT requests or being honest and fair about what is and isn‘t ‘urgent’ to enable us to organise the tasks accordingly.

We hope you will see that we have a heavy customer service focus and coupled with a strong work ethic it will make us stand out from other support companies.

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