Infrastructure Service

At LP Networks we fully support our customers in building all aspects of their IT infrastructure, utilising partnerships established with an excellent Internet Service Provider. By offering low contention internet access we can provide a stable platform on which to build your IT Systems.

Once the framework is in place we can then add secure wireless connectivity, remote VPN access into the network for satellite users, webmail facility (on hosted email servers), Blackberry and Smartphone access to cover almost all requirements for an efficient IT system.

Some companies have a head office and small satellite operations; we can build site-to-site VPN connections to enable remote workers to access business systems from the central head office.

We have a number of years experience in building networks from the ground up or if necessary upgrade and improve existing networks with the minimum of disruption – increasing performance and in some cases reducing the ongoing costs.

With VOIP (Voice over IP) coming more into everyday use all be it with single user applications such as Skype or MSN up to small office telephone systems we can advise on the setup that will most support your business needs.

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