Online Backups Services

At LP Networks we believe without exception that the backups of your server and business critical data are the most important task that is undertaken. If nothing else is carried out to maintain the server the least we would recommend is a system backup.

Whilst we look after many customers tape backups we are an authorized partner of Ahsay online backup software and have migrated several customers across to this method of backup.

We have found with our existing customers, by removing the hardware & user intervention from the backup process we greatly increase the success rate of the backup. The online backup is secure and makes efficient use of your companies ADSL/SDSL line by utilizing the bandwidth outside normal office hours. By having the data stored offsite it also gives you some site disaster redundancy which is a very useful benefit to this backup method.

The application has 2 clients OBS & ACB, one being a server client (OBS) and the other a PC (ACB)

The backup software is compatible with most operating systems and applications:

There is great flexibility in the retention policies and archive backups with any number of special backups and archiving policies placed on the backup sets. None of these archive backups require extra tapes or storage offsite.

With filters you can exclude unnecessary data from the backups (iTunes, Movies etc – none of which are usually considered business critical).

We will assess your data and recommend a backup solution specific to your needs; the costs are dependent on the amount of data stored on our server – the data is compressed so you can assume a worst case of a 2:1 compression ratio although some files will compress further.

In summary LP Networks online backup service provides the following:

  • Assessment of current data and backup policy
  • Recommendation on backup sets and schedule (including retention policies)
  • Onsite visit to capture 'Seed' backups (initial backup to save huge data transfer over the internet)
  • Installation of software and testing of backup process
  • Daily checking of backup result

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