Server Monitoring

At LP Networks we try to pre-empt some of the common server problems by implementing a PROACTIVE monitoring system. This is a comprehensive application that monitors key server processes, services and alerts. The system will also monitor server and network device performance providing a real feeling that the servers' (and other critical devices) health are being looked after.

We are an authorised partner and can supply licenses to connect to our monitoring infrastructure.

We can also generate a report that provides you with recommendations based on the statistics gathered.

With this solution there is no expensive hardware or even the need for local hardware expense – it is an agent based product and the information is sent securely to a hosted server off site.

Please check these PowerPoint slides for a summary overview of the monitoring software. Download the free PowerPoint Viewer to see the slides.

As well as using the software to automatically monitor the servers we also implement any manual checks that cannot be covered with the monitoring system (including critical checks like Backups).

To summarise what we cover in the LP Networks Server Monitoring service:

Proactive Server monitoring

  • System alerts
  • Disk space alerts
  • Server performance
    • CPU/memory snapshots
  • Monitor critical services
  • Server down
    • Snapshots of processes before system crash helping with diagnosis


  • Using existing backup software setup automated alerts on backup job
    • Report success / failure
    • Monthly summary report
    • Recommendations on any required changes to backup plan

Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam

  • Monitor the signature updates are successfully downloading and updating the server

To find out further information or costs please use the enquiries page.