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Stories from 2019

Why having an IT strategy is a must have!

Many centuries before computers had been invented Benjamin Franklin famously said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. We spend our lives preparing, checking our tyre pressures before setting out on a long journey, making sure we have travel insurance, knowing when the last train is after ...Read more

CompTIA Business Trustmark

Following our CompTIA accreditation at the start of the year, LP Networks is proud to announce that we now hold the CompTIA Business Trustmark. CompTIA is at the forefront of advancing the tech industry and its workforce. With 35million members, they decide the benchmark for defining forward-thinking IT companies. What ...Read more

Why IT Strategy should never be reactive

It just takes one malware attack or system outage to make us remember why IT should never be reactive. A lack of preparedness can hit organisations and businesses both large and small. Whether it is suddenly remembering that you didn’t back up the phone that you dropped or being attacked ...Read more

Your IT needs a spring clean too

Spring is here! It’s time to throw open your Windows (excuse the pun) and give your IT systems a bit of a spring clean. A bit of general housekeeping can make a world of difference to your IT infrastructure. Here’s a handy checklist of suggestions to help you spring clean ...Read more

Apprenticeship Programme

LP Networks launched our apprenticeship programme in 2018, giving school leavers the opportunity to gain skills and experience needed to work in our highly skilled and fast-paced industry. Apprentices now make up 25% of our workforce, cutting their teeth on our service desk alongside experienced team members. Choosing to opt ...Read more

Fantasy Football 2018

To celebrate 15 years of success, LP Networks set ourselves a challenge to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. We know that people are regularly asked to donate to a multitude of fantastic causes, so we also challenged ourselves to come up with new and exciting ways to fundraise. ...Read more

Why is Data Encryption Important to my Business?

Data encryption in its simplest terms refers to translating data into another form or code that can only be read by someone with access to a secret key (a decryption key) or password. Data that has been encrypted is usually called ciphertext, while if it is unencrypted it is known ...Read more

Are your staff your weakest link?

So, you’ve employed an amazing IT company to protect your infrastructure from outside attacks, you’re aware of cybercriminals and malware, you’re up to date on GDPR, but there may be a threat still lurking in the shadows…human error. The percentage of risks to data due to staff error far outweighs ...Read more

Why does your business need a Managed Service Provider?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses from small to large. This is mostly because MSPs like LP Networks help to fulfil the IT demands that our clients just don’t have time for. You run your business because you are an expert in your field, ...Read more

Making Tax Digital – Are you cyber ready?

Making Tax Digital is being introduced in April 2019 for all VAT registered businesses with a taxable income over £85,000, and over the coming few years will be phased in to cover smaller businesses too. It is a massive shake up to the way that tax is reported and collected, ...Read more