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Customer Satisfaction is vital

Great customer service is one of the best commodities that a business can have and something that is rarely fed back. If we go out for dinner and the food is terrible, we quickly make sure that everyone knows, via a TripAdvisor review or just word of mouth, but it’s ...Read more

2FA – Two Factor Authentication – Best Practice for Increased Cyber Security

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, as it is often shortened to, has become the benchmark in best practice for increased computer security.   So, what is 2FA? Two Factor Authentication is an additional layer of security for your systems. It is a process that requires you to take an extra ...Read more

The benefits of using Cloud based software

Anyone who has come in contact with a computer over the last 20 years will be aware of Microsoft Office. The system that gave us Word, PowerPoint and Excel has become synonymous with office-based tasks and is considered essential for many businesses. However, the old system was a bit of ...Read more

LP Networks, celebrating 15 years at the heart of your business

An important milestone is fast approaching! We’re so proud that LP Networks are close to celebrating our 15th birthday! Obviously, there will be cake, but we’ve also set ourselves a challenge. We’re aiming to raise £15,000 for the British Heart Foundation, through 15 fundraising challenges by the end of 2019! ...Read more

The Importance of Cyber security

The importance of cyber security was once again brought to the fore when British Airways announced that they had experienced a massive data breach involving the financial details of 380,000 of their customers. It is the biggest breach of its kind since the introduction of GDPR in May and could, ...Read more

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 lifecycle ending

Here’s a heads up! Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 lifecycle is coming to an end. We have customers of all sizes and budgets and want to give you as much warning and preparation time as possible so that you can schedule any required works over a longer period. By ...Read more

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