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Introducing Exclaimer – Professional email signatures for Office365

Aside from including your contact details, your email signature is the perfect way of reminding your customers and clients of your branding and social media accounts. But, ensuring that your whole team have matching signatures can be a time-consuming nightmare. This problem is added to by the fact that email ...Read more

How Microsoft Teams can improve your business

Technology has always had an effect on the way we do business and in the last decade the increase in cloud-based apps and improvements to operating systems means that the way we communicate and work has dramatically changed. Flexible working and home working are on the increase and we now ...Read more

Read about our latest community partnership with Deaf Umbrella Job Club

Last year LP Networks donated some reconditioned machines to a local employment programme aimed at assisting people who suffer hearing loss to find their way into work. Deaf Umbrella CIC is an amazing not-for-profit that makes a massive difference to our local community. So, it makes sense for LP Networks ...Read more

How can the dark web impact your business

In the deep and murky depths of the internet lies the Dark Web. It’s so hidden that users have to use a specific encrypted browser (TOR) to access it and its name describes it perfectly, a secretive place full of negative activities. Because the Dark Web is anonymous and encrypted, ...Read more

SIEM and why it’s important the security of your business

If you regularly read our blogs, you may have noticed that we regularly remind our readers of the importance of ensuring that your cybersecurity systems are up to date. In a constantly evolving world of cybercrime, newer and increasingly complex threats emerge every day, which is why as a business ...Read more

The continued success of our apprenticeship scheme

Networking in the IT industry and our membership of organisations like Comptia constantly reminds us that there is a shortage of IT staff, not just in the UK but globally. When recruiting for an experienced role, the hiring process can be very long and frustrating journey, as typically high quality ...Read more

Are you still running on Office 2010?

Although we understand that vintage can be cool, it definitely isn’t the case with computer programmes. In fact, out of date programmes can be exceedingly uncool. Aside from the fact that running an outdated app or programme can mean that you don’t get to access new features and upgrades, they ...Read more

Why Corporate Social Responsibility matters to us

Over the last 15 years LP Networks has had the privilege of building up a valued network of clients and partners. They are companies and organisations that trust us and that we, in turn, also trust and use ourselves. We understand that we are a part of a community, we ...Read more

Multi-Factor Authentication is here to stay

This summer Microsoft announced that they now require all Cloud Service Providers using Azure or MS Office 365 to enable Multi-Factor Authentication. Given the current cybersecurity climate, it seems like a sensible decision. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra level of security for sites and apps where previously a username ...Read more

What is the Dark Web and how can it affect me?

Did you know that the internet is made up of three different layers? The layer you’re reading this on is called the Surface Web, it’s the place where you online shop, check sports scores, stream TV and wander about on Facebook. Below that is the Deep Web. The Deep Web ...Read more