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Valtech are a global tech business who provide digital agency services across many industries. They are a fast-growing business and, due to having sites located around the World, have a heavy reliance on their IT infrastructure.

The Work

Following a recent project to replace all the existing backup technologies with a single product, the client requested we prove the solution was effective to ensure compliance for auditing. This entailed a request for a ‘Full DR’ test of the backup system to be witnessed by the customer auditor.

The Challenges

One of the key challenges with a DR test is really how far do you go? Do you really want to shut down your whole business or key parts of it to prove continuity? This can be a hugely costly exercise and, for most businesses, having that level of DR is beyond their means.

There is also the risk of data being lost or damaged as you’re switching to and from a DR solution.

So, for us the challenge was to provide a DR exercise that, whilst proving the whole system was recoverable, accessible and complaint for the auditor, didn’t cripple or affect the production environment in any way.

The Solution

We implemented a device-based backup strategy which has an Offsite replication function, the servers are imaged hourly to a custom schedule. An offsite replica is taken on a schedule (depending on line speeds) once or more a day.

The device has a ‘hypervisor’ layer and so can be used as a platform to fire up a ‘virtual’ server image.

The customer then tested the following:
- Remote desktop to each server
- Mapped drives to relevant servers
- Opened a Microsoft Dynamics and could access historical invoices from the Cloud server
- Opened Payroll application
- Ran user logon scripts
The test passed all the requirements for the customer and was signed off by the Auditor.
Because the DR servers can be fired up in the Cloud, but also be isolated from the Internet, means it is in a total ‘Sandbox’ environment and can be safely tested without risk of contaminating local live data

Each day the backup system loads a local virtual image of each and every server and takes a ‘screenshot’ picture of the logon screen and alerts us via an API into our ticket system. This gives us proof each and every day that servers are available on the local backup device.
Despite this being a level above most backup systems, it’s still not a Full DR test.

For the DR test we notify the Vendor and we have the servers loaded in a private, segmented network in their Cloud. We are issued with a set of VPN keys and software to connect.

The customer arrived at our office and we proceeded to install the secure VPN software and made access into the private Cloud.

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