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LP Networks – Corona Virus Statement

As you will be aware the UK Government is working to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. LP Networks Ltd will be supporting these official measures and recommendations as far as possible and we will continue to monitor this situation and keep all our members up to date ...Read more

We can help you prepare your IT for the potential impact of the Corona Virus.

As we are sure you are aware of the news that Italy as a nation has been put in lockdown, we have to consider the impact if the same measures are taken in the UK. We issued some articles and direct emails to clients to please consider this eventuality, but ...Read more

Cybersecurity; how much should you be spending?

We always like to hear that businesses are taking cybersecurity seriously, so were very happy to read that cybersecurity spending appears to be on the up. Research by Dell and RSA has shown that around $124billion was spent worldwide on cybersecurity in 2019. That’s a 141% increase since 2010! You’d ...Read more

Preparing your IT for Coronavirus

With the news that coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has reached Italy with 132 confirmed cases, businesses now need to start considering how an outbreak in Europe will affect their operations. COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus that has previously never been identified in humans. This means that we ...Read more

We’ve been shortlisted again!

We’re extremely proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Best of Royal Greenwich Awards 2020. For the second year in a row our apprenticeship scheme has been chosen as one of the final 6 contenders for the Workforce Development Award, sponsored by London South East Colleges. LP ...Read more

How to spot a suspicious email

One of the easiest ways for hackers and cybercriminals have of breaching your IT security is through your email inbox. It’s a sad fact that one simple phishing email can breach all of your security logins, but it’s possible to spot a dodgy email before it’s too late. Our team ...Read more

Why your business should be utilising the benefits of SharePoint

As many businesses continue to embrace a digital transformation Microsoft SharePoint is becoming the popular option for cloud storage, data sharing, and content management. If your business uses Microsoft Office, SharePoint seems like the logical next step to creating a cloud based collaborative workspace. SharePoint’s web-based platform uses cloud storage, ...Read more

Introducing Exclaimer – Professional email signatures for Office365

Aside from including your contact details, your email signature is the perfect way of reminding your customers and clients of your branding and social media accounts. But, ensuring that your whole team have matching signatures can be a time-consuming nightmare. This problem is added to by the fact that email ...Read more

How Microsoft Teams can improve your business

Technology has always had an effect on the way we do business and in the last decade the increase in cloud-based apps and improvements to operating systems means that the way we communicate and work has dramatically changed. Flexible working and home working are on the increase and we now ...Read more

Read about our latest community partnership with Deaf Umbrella Job Club

Last year LP Networks donated some reconditioned machines to a local employment programme aimed at assisting people who suffer hearing loss to find their way into work. Deaf Umbrella CIC is an amazing not-for-profit that makes a massive difference to our local community. So, it makes sense for LP Networks ...Read more