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CompTIA Business Trustmark

Following our CompTIA accreditation at the start of the year, LP Networks is proud to announce that we now hold the CompTIA Business Trustmark.

CompTIA is at the forefront of advancing the tech industry and its workforce. With 35million members, they decide the benchmark for defining forward-thinking IT companies.

What is the CompIT Business Trustmark?

The CompTIA IT Business Trustmark is an accreditation that shows that an IT company has sound business practices and delivers a quality service. The framework was designed by the top members of the UK IT industry.

In order to receive it, LP Networks have to stick to a stringent set of standards which cover all aspects of the IT industry, including service delivery, customer service, company direction, and organisational management. Our team has also demonstrated that we properly support all of our clients’ business needs.

LP Networks have committed to an industry “Code of Conduct” and have undertaken an assessment which ensured that all of our day-to-day activities adhere to the highest business standards.

What does this mean for our customers?

The CompTIA Business Trustmark gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your IT systems are in the hands of a company that uses industry best practices and tools. It also lets you know that we are a company that is committed to quality throughout every aspect of our business and that we will continue to improve the service that you receive.

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