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Tailored IT Support for your Business.

We understand that all businesses are different.

Taking the strain out of IT

Do you have days when you seem to get nothing done because of an IT problem or setting up new equipment or software?

A custom support package will free up your time, allowing you to get on with your business, safe in the knowledge that your IT systems are running effectively and secured.

We will assess your requirements and provide you with the support that you specifically need for your business. You won't pay for what you don't need and most importantly there will always be a team of IT professionals on hand for you, both day to day and when planning for the future.

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Our Tailored Services

Our services are comprehensive, so as well as the core day to day support you would expect, we also offer IT Audits, Security training and Cyber essentials compliancy.  

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Why You Can Trust LP Networks

We are continuously striving for excellence