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Endpoint Security

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Endpoint Security IconAs technology advances, so do the ways that we access our networks





Are your endpoints secure?

The way we access networks is becoming far more fluid. This is because we are now able to access systems with a wide variety of devices, for example phones, laptops and tablets additionally users can access your network from far more locations than the office.

These devices are called ‘Endpoints’ and can be company or user owned, but, whatever the device and however they connect, they need to be secured.

This is because when these devices connect to the network they become a potential entry point for criminals to access your files and data.

LP Networks can provide solutions for any type of ‘Endpoint’ ensuring they are secure and that your network is safe from hackers and online criminals. Our suite of protection adds ‘layers’ of defence meaning you can feel more secure safe in the knowledge that you are meeting GDPR requirements and Cyber Essentials+.


While cybersecurity is vital for any successful business, it is also important to ensure that your employees receive up-to-date cybersecurity training.


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