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IT Audits

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IT Audits IconIf you are concerned about the safety and security of your IT infrastructure, it might be time to invest in an IT Audit.




How healthy are your IT systems and equipment?

Audits or health check is designed to help you understand how well your systems are working and if this level of investment is suitable for your business needs.  LP Networks’ experienced team of technicians look at the varying aspects of your IT systems, from individual devices through to your data storage, and compile a report which identifies whether your environment is configured to best practice/standards and is in a strong position to overcome potential security threats.

The IT budget is no different to any other business department budget, it needs to be aligned to the business needs, but the investment must maximise your efficiencies, so the relevant technologies need to be provisioned and configured correctly.

In much the same way that you take your car to be serviced annually, an IT Audit should be regularly timetabled into your calendar. This is because technology is constantly being updated and cyber threats are always evolving.

Implemented across your business’ entire IT Estate, our health check report will:

  • Identify antivirus and security issues

  • Provide an inventory of your IT hardware

  • Provide an inventory of your software

  • Provide a manufacturer’s warranty report


Have you considered running IT Audits on your IT infrastructure?

We can run IT Audits to establish areas of threats and required improvements.


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