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Firewall / Perimeter Security

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Firewall / Perimeter Security IconLP Networks provides a range of network perimeter security solutions that are always up to date.




Keeping your networks secure

We all like to ensure that everything that is important to us is as secure as possible. When we leave work for the day, we lock the doors and turn on the alarm, essentially ensuring that the physical perimeters of our business are secure. But, what about the virtual perimeter of our companies? How do we ensure that our networks are secure?

Protection from internal as well as external risks

Using specialised software, we are able to see hidden risks and threats before they damage your system, that includes risks from within your network as well as outside it. Traditional firewalls and anti-viruses protect your infrastructure from remote hacking and unauthorised access, whilst our systems mean that access from all devices (endpoints) is covered and that you are better protected against user error, for example members of your team accessing apps or files that may be suspicious.

dark net imageLP Networks’ perimeter security offering includes:

  • Infected system isolation

  • Warning of hidden risks

  • Traffic insights

  • Flexible, unified firewall security

  • Endpoint and device security

  • Artificial intelligence deep learning

Find out how secure your networks Are 

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