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User Awareness Training

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User Awareness Training IconYou can have the best firewall and internet security available, but if your users aren’t trained to recognise suspicious phishing emails, it won’t help.


Your team are the last line of defence, so they need to be security conscious.





LP Networks offers a user security awareness training solution to businesses and organisations of all sizes. We can customise the training platform to match the needs of your company, ensuring that your team are prepared and are educated in relation to the Cyber threats.


Did you know that 80% of breaches or attacks are caused by fraudulent emails or users being directed to fraudulent websites?

Using an integrated platform, our system combines excellent, up to date security awareness training with simulated phishing attacks. This means that your users can experience what they are learning in a safe and secure environment. Additionally, simulated attacks allow them to see and recognise exactly what they should be looking for in suspicious emails. Our training platform also allows the management team(s) to see the results of the training across the business and how their employees have put what they have learnt into practice. As a result you are able to manage your team’s training needs more effectively.

Our security awareness training also offers a number of support tools that you and your team can use in the workplace.
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These include:

  • Phishing security test

  • Phish alert button

  • Domain spoof test

  • Ransomware Simulator

  • Weak Password Test

  • Email Exposure Check Pro

If you think your users need to be more security savvy, or maybe you’ve recently experienced a phishing attack and don’t want it happening again.

Contact US about MAKING youR TEAM more security conscious.

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