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Network and Data Security

Maintaining your network and data security is vital for any business. As soon as any computer or device is connected to your network you have to put processes into place to ensure that it isn’t going to affect the cybersecurity measures that you already have in place.

LP Networks provide a service that keeps your network and data secure. Using a variety of systems and solutions, we use an integrated approach to keep your network as safe as possible from security breaches and, should the worst happen, provide back up and disaster recovery to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Network and data security aren’t just about installing a singular piece of software, its rather a number of measures that, when combined, help you to keep your data and systems safe and secure. So by utilising software from renowned security providers to providing your team with network and data security advice, through to proactive testing employee awareness, our holistic approach means you have everything covered, Consider your Cyber Security program as building the layers of protection around your core sensitive systems or data (like those of an Onion) – keeping adding layers, make your network as unattractive to criminals as possible and they will move on to the next easier target.

LP Networks has a comprehensive set of tools at our disposal:

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