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IT Support, IT Security & Managed IT Services For Businesses in London and the South East

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We've got your IT covered.

Proactive monitoring and unlimited IT support to protect your business.

Our local team of IT Support specialists are always on hand to provide fast, reliable IT Support services and offer complete peace of mind for your business-critical IT systems.

We proactively monitor your network for security issues 24/7 and ensure your software is kept up to date, ensuring problems are solved before they affect your business.

IT Support Packages are built to your requirements. Ideal if you need fully managed IT Support or to provide extra support for your internal IT team.

Find out how a Professional IT Support Company Can Boost Your Business Profitability.


Why You Can Trust LP Networks

We are continuously striving for excellence 

Who are LP Networks?

IT support Company for Small and Medium Sized Businesses in London.

We are an established IT Support Company based in Greenwich. We have been providing IT support Services to keep business like yours, online and secure, for over 20 years.

As well as being a Microsoft Silver Partner, we are partners of many leading technology providers and experts in all areas of IT support, we provide fast, and customer focussed IT support. We offer Custom IT Support Packages to help you budget and avoid any costly surprises.

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LP Networks is partnered with some of the world's leading technology providers

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We ask our clients for feedback after every interaction. 99% of respondents say they are happy with our service.
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How a Professional IT Support Company Can Boost Your Business Profitability

Ask any small business owner about IT, and they will shudder recalling hours spent on confusing IT problems and fruitless Google searches. As a small business owner, your attention should be focused on something far more worthwhile than these IT issues: your business!

As a passionate and hardworking business owner, it can be difficult to recognise (and even harder to accept!) that you're sinking time into something that might be better left to someone else. However, the numbers speak for themselves:

According to Cisco, businesses can see a potential increase of 50% in business efficiency by outsourcing to a professional IT support company.

Discover The Benefits of Using a Professional IT Support Company


Key Factors to Consider in an IT Support Company

You've realised that the time is right to get professional assistance with your IT and cybersecurity. But what should you look for in your IT support company? The support you require will vary for every organisation, but we recommend considering the following:

Availability: Prompt and Proactive Support

Can you contact your IT support company during the workday and have them guide you through any IT issues? Will they prioritise emergencies to get you up and running as quickly as possible? Are they proactive with their support?

Expertise: Specialised Skills and Security Solutions

What skills, certifications, accreditations, or specialisations does your IT support company possess? Do they offer expert security solutions?

Packages and Pricing: Tailored Support Solutions

What packages does the company offer? Can they provide a comprehensive managed IT service? Do they offer different options for the level of support you need, such as an affordable IT solution for those with smaller requirements?

Reputation: Experience and Reliability

How long has the IT support company been helping businesses? Are they a reliable and trusted IT service provider? Good IT support comes from years of experience and a team that has already considered the next steps, so you don't have to.

Location: On-Site or Remote Support

For some, completely remote support is all that is needed. But do you want a London-based IT support company whose team can be on your doorstep for support?

Maximise Profitability with an Expert IT Support Company

Could you make your business more profitable by outsourcing to an expert IT support company with more than 30 years of experience?

Quite simply, LP Networks lets our clients get on with what they're good at - Running their business!