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Case Studies

The team at LP Networks are proud to be able to deliver IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. From installing and upgrading existing computers and running cabling to improve network speeds, to building data centres and enabling improved traffic flows between multiple sites, we love to showcase our work. LP Networks see our clients as partners and we always build ongoing relationships that allow us to become a core section of their infrastructures. Our Case Studies show that no matter what the size of the project or the needs of our partners, we deliver high-quality solutions every time.

Astell Scientific

Astell Scientific is a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of autoclaves and sterilizers with a rich heritage going back over 100 years

Axis Group

Axis Group are a leading market provider of Cleaning, Security and Support services to business around the UK

National Fostering Agency (NFA)

Founded in 1995, the National Fostering Agency (NFA) provides high quality foster care that places the welfare of children at the centre of its work. We partner closely with Local Authorities and UK foster carers to create the best possible opportunities and outcomes for child fostering.