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Network and Data Security

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Network and Data Security IconEvery business needs to make sure that it has the right network and data security in place. If you take a moment to consider how much you rely on your network, it makes sense to keep it as secure as possible. From keeping payment details safe to ensuring that important files aren’t corrupted, data security should always be a priority.



An integrated approach to security

Using a variety of systems and solutions, LP Networks provide a service that keeps your network and data guarded. Our integrated approach provides layers of protection and deters hacks and data breaches, it also provides back up and disaster recovery so that, if the worst happens, we can get you back on track as quickly as possible.

What’s an integrated approach to network security?

Network and data security aren’t just about installing one piece of software to protect all your devices. Instead, it pulls together several different solutions, which work together to keep your network shielded. These include utilising software from renowned security providers, providing your team with network and data security advice and training, and proactive employee awareness testing. It's a sensible approach. The more layers we place between your business and cybercriminals, the less attractive it becomes to them.


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We have a comprehensive set of tools at our disposal to help protect your network and data:





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