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Mobile Device Management

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Mobile Device Management IconWith staff increasingly working away from your premises, a growth in the number of endpoints in your network, and team members using their own devices, how do you ensure that everything is working properly and securely? Mobile Device Management is the answer.





Mobile Device Management allows you to easily manage all the devices used within your business or organisation by using a centralised dashboard that remotely pushes policies and updates to devices via the Cloud. This ensures that not only are all the devices in your network running up to date software and apps, but also that your sensitive business data is secure. 

LP Networks offer Cisco Meraki Systems Manager as a Mobile Device Management solution as it considered “best in class” for MDM Management.  The Cisco Meraki offers unified management for mobile devices, desktops, and your entire network all through a centralised dashboard. This makes it easier to control configurations, protect sensitive data, monitor statuses and policy compliance, and manage approved apps. 

Additionally, for companies that encourage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), there are options for additional privacy settings, providing your team with the peace of mind that they can use their device for work and personal use, without having their privacy compromised. Remote wipe features also make it simple to remove company data from devices if they are lost or misplaced or if a team member leaves your company. 

If your business is embracing remote working or a BYOD policy then it is important to consider the security and data compliance concerns that accompany these options.  
We have written a blog on BYOD, covering some of the aspects that should be considered by businesses and organisations.

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