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Business Continuity & Backups

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Business Continuity & Backup iconHave you considered whether your business would be able to operate if something happened to your files or servers? It could be a natural disaster, a cyber-attack, or human error, no matter how it happens, would you be able to carry on operating as normal?  What is your Business Continuity and back up plan?


Could your business recover?

LP Networks always recommend that our clients use our Managed Cloud Backup Service to ensure that all their important data and documents are safe. In the same way you insure your business against any eventuality, having online backups provides you with the peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen, you and your team can be back working in no time.

Our backup service uses fully compliant (SSAE or ISO) datacentres and end-to-end encryption, maintaining the highest levels of security available.

Protection against accidental data loss and cyber-crime, particularly with the rising prevalence of Malware including CRYPTOviruses Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle as well as hacking, is vital to ensure business continuity.

LP Networks’ Managed Cloud Backup Service provides:

An assessment of your data and a recommended backup solution specific to your needs; the costs are dependent on the amount of data stored on our server and other potential extra options you may want.

  • cloud servicesAssessment of your current data and backup policy

  • Recommendation on backup sets and schedule (including retention policies and options)

  • Installation of software and testing of backup process (and image restore if selected)

  • Daily checking of backup result through our monitoring platform

  • Routine test restores of random files for standard backup service

  • Daily Screenshot verification of server image recovery to a Virtual instance

  • Complete Server disaster recovery solution on-premise and/or in the Cloud.

We have written a blog about the Difference between Back-ups and Disaster Recover that we hope you find helpful.

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