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Cloud Solutions

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Cloud Solutions iconCloud Solutions are a handy way to store files, photos, music, and any other digital documents on hosted sites away from your office or computer. You probably already use Cloud Storage if you regularly back your phone up (and if you don’t do that, you really should do).




How can a Cloud-based solution help your business?

For businesses, Cloud Solutions can be a cost-effective, resilient and secure way of ensuring that your team can access the information they need wherever and whenever they need it.

LP Networks work alongside our clients to design and provide the perfect Cloud Solution that suits their current needs and their requirements for the future. From hosted desktops to a Private Cloud with its own secure datacentre, you can rely on us to provide a scalable system to suit your business.

Find out what the cloud can do for your business

LP Networks advise on and implement the following:Cloud Solutions accompanying image

  • Private Cloud (business owned kit in a secure datacentre with private links to internal private WAN)

  • Hosted Infrastructure (CSP hosted virtual servers on a monthly subscription)

  • Office 365 hosted or hybrid office platform

  • Managed Workplace folder (secure collaborative file sync and share)

  • Hosted Desktop (virtual desktops hosted in the cloud)

  • Website Hosting (dedicated VDS server or shared platform)

  • Hosted VOIP telephony

You may find our blog on The benefits of using Cloud based software useful.

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