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Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

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Managed Wi Fi Solutions IconHaving an effective, efficient and secure Wi-Fi network is vital to any business and outsourcing it to a Managed Wi-Fi Provider is the ideal way of ensuring that your team can access the internet from anywhere in the office.

With the increase in the number of devices we now use and many businesses encouraging staff to ‘Bring Your Own Device’, the need to be connected everywhere, all the time has never been higher. That’s where using a Managed Wi-Fi Provider can help.


A Managed Wi-Fi Provider helps your business by designing, installing, maintaining, and monitoring your Wi-Fi network. LP Networks have partnered with CISCO Meraki as well as Datto, to provide quick and easily accessible internet and business network access, which is optimised to provide a superior performance.

Why use a Managed Wi-Fi Provider?

  • Cost-effective. Managed Wi-Fi can save you and your business time and money. Because LP Networks are partnered with CISCO Meraki and Datto, we are able to offer the best solutions tailored to your business.
  • Operate at peak productivity. No more patchy Wi-Fi or wandering around the building to find the best connection. We ensure that your team can connect wherever they need to.
  • Easily scalable. As your business grows, so can your Wi-Fi network and using a managed provider also makes it easier to upgrade with the right support and advice.
  • Improve User Experience. Improved Wi-Fi allows your team to move away from their desks, collaborate more, and connect more easily.
  • Access to technical support. If there’s a problem with connectivity, our helpdesk team are on hand to get you back up and running again.
  • Improved security. Using a Managed Wi-Fi Provider means you can rest assured that they have the right security configurations in place to keep your network safer by isolating networks such as Guest network for visitor access.
  • Compliance. With a managed solution we can ensure vendor security updates are deployed over the cloud, remotely, and in timely fashion.

If you are considering upgrading your Wi-Fi network, or are considering using a managed provider, get in touch.

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