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IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

What would put you off using a professional service?
Unreliability? Slow communications and processes? Inability to fit in with your needs?

The key to great hospitality is getting the customer experience just right. Every venue strives for a seamless guest experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons. The last thing you want is for an IT glitch to cause a hitch. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted Managed Service Provider working alongside you to ensure that your IT is worthy of five-star reviews.

LP Networks have extensive experience of supplying IT services to the hospitality industry, providing devices, support, and advice that keeps your team and guests happy. 

Outstanding IT Services for the Hospitality Industry 

We understand that hospitality businesses of all sizes are becoming increasingly reliant on IT, from having safe and secure Wi-Fi to keep you PCI compliant all the way through to providing reliable hotel conferencing facilities, your IT infrastructure plays a significant role in improving the ambiance of your offering. And in just the same way that your guests choose you because of your amazing reputation, our hospitality clients do the same when they pick us to be their IT partner.

Examples of IT Services for the Hospitality Industry 

You want secure wi-fi without any blackspots 

Keeping your Wi-Fi secure is one of the major requirements when running a card reader, but you want it to be reliable too. There’s nothing worse than when your Wi-Fi goes down during a busy weekend service or there’s that one blackspot where your staff just can’t take a payment. We can ensure that your Wi-Fi is reliable and secure (and that your card reader will be able to connect anywhere in your premises, including outside). 

You want to keep your guest’s data safe 

With an increasing growth in online orders and bookings, your guests share lots of sensitive information with you. The last thing you want is for their information to get into the wrong hands following a cyberattack.  

We can help by implementing one of our proactive cybersecurity solutions and providing training, so your team know how to spot dangerous phishing emails.  

You want to maintain business continuity 

Accidents happen, files get deleted, bookings get moved, power cuts turn off servers, cyberattacks lock your systems. You want to get your hospitality business back up and running as quickly as possible. Our backup service can help. Regular backups of all your systems, means that if the worst happens, your guests won’t be too inconvenienced.  

You want reliable devices that are quick and efficient 

Every hospitality venue wants a seamless guest experience, so you don’t want it to be held up by slow running hardware and software. LP Networks are partners with Cisco Meraki, Datto and a Microsoft Silver Partner, meaning we can provide the latest equipment and software to suit your hospitality business’ needs. 

Our solutions are designed to meet your needs 

We know that every bar, restaurant, hotel, and venue is different. Each has something that makes it special, from the décor on the walls to the friendly staff, no two are the same. Which is why LP Networks tailor our IT services to meet the needs of your venue. We work alongside you and create an a la carte offering just for you.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about how LP Networks can support and assist your hospitality venue with a range of proactive IT services, we’d love to hear from you


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