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vCIO/CIO iconHow do you know if your IT is meeting the demands of your business strategy? You ask an IT expert. As an MSP, LP Networks are well placed to provide a vCIO or CIO service, giving you and your business the IT expertise you need to move your business forward.





What is a vCIO/CIO Service?

A vCIO is a Virtual Chief Information Officer and a CIO is a Chief Information Officer. They are there to provide your business with an IT strategy that aligns with your business strategy. Essentially, they provide a consultancy service on how IT can help move your business in the right direction. 

LP Networks work alongside you, providing a third-party viewpoint to help you effectively strategize your business goals. We consult with you to analyse the impact that new technology may have on your business, and help you to prioritise where to spend your IT budget. Our team also makes sure that the IT that you already have in place is running smoothly and effectively.

Why use a vCIO Service?

It’s normal for large businesses to have their own CIOs and IT Departments, but for small and medium sized enterprises, this can be an unjustifiable expense. It doesn’t mean you don’t still need a similar service though. Using LP Networks’ as your Managed Service Provider and using our vCIO Service, gives you the IT department that you need, without breaking the bank. 

LP Networks’ vCIO Service offers:

  • A dedicated IT Consultant for your company
  • Strategic approach and alignment to your business growth
  • Ensuring IT solutions enable efficient and effective business processes
  • Co-ordinated picture of your IT estate
  • Budget tracking and forecasting
  • Scheduled reporting and analysis
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