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Remote Monitoring

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System Monitoring iconWe believe in being proactive, after all, it’s easier to solve a problem before it happens.

That’s why the LP Networks software monitors our clients’ servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 


Automated ‘first fix’ ...

We run automated ‘first fix’ solutions, which we build into our clients’ IT environments, to ensure that if a system failure does occur, there will be an automatic attempt at a resolution. This saves you from worrying about the security of your system and helps us to keep your business’ network running effectively.

Remote Monitoring & Management system (RMM)

Through our Remote Monitoring & Management system (RMM) we deliver the following to both Servers and Workstations:

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Early Warning...

Knowing about future problems can keep you ahead of the game and the team at LP Networks can also setup a suite of checks and monitors which provide an early warning of any potential problems that may come up. This helps us to see what may occur in the future and enables us to advise you of anything that may affect your infrastructure.
Our monitoring system covers all aspects of Managed Services, including monitoring mobile devices, wireless controllers, switches, firewalls, domain and SSL certificate expiry.


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