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Corporate Social Responsibility

LP Networks have always been proud to support our local community, after all, they are the ones who have helped us build our business over the years. Since we were founded in 2004 we have always made a point of finding and supporting causes that are close to the teams’ hearts. 

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility comes in many forms, from fundraising for national charities to helping local charities to support their users and improve their service. We support Deaf Umbrella, a charity based in Bromley that works with hearing impaired people in our community to help them into employment. Supporting them through weekly job clubs, interpreter and communication facilities, and employment support, Deaf Umbrella have helped to improve the self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence of a section of our local community.

We also support South East Enterprise and Successful mums, as we maintain an ethos that we understand how it feels to be a small business. LP Networks started small and grew, and we believe in helping other businesses to get started, grow, and flourish. 

As a Managed Service Provider we regularly find ourselves upgrading devices, usually PCs and laptops. We have decided that, wherever possible, we will recondition them, erase all data, and donate them to small, start-up businesses and CICs. 

For LP Networks, it’s great to be able to do something good, after all, everyone needs a helping hand at some point and, hopefully, we have created potential clients for the future. Embracing corporate social responsibility ultimately means that everybody wins. 

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