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Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 IconLP Networks is proud to be a Microsoft Silver Partner which enables us to provide our clients with the latest Microsoft Office 365 products for a monthly subscription.






Always up to date

Using a subscription system means that your business will always run using the latest Microsoft Office software, with regular updates delivered to your network. No more corrupted or changed files due to using an outdated system, instead, smooth and easy editing. Additionally, a subscription allows you to keep your software up to date without sudden costs or outlays.

Only pay for what you need

Our team manage your Microsoft Cloud Subscription and simply incorporate the cost into your monthly invoice from us, freeing up your staff to do what they do best. Additionally, you can decide to only pay for what you need from the service, no more buying programmes as part of a package that sits and collects dust. If you find you need a product, you can just add it into your subscription, or you can remove something if it’s surplus to requirements.

Safely share documents anywhere on any device

Storing all of your documents and emails on a Cloud platform protects your business from potential systems outages and enables you and your team to access files and documents wherever you have an internet connection. Sat in a meeting away from the office and need to find an important document? You can access OneDrive from your phone, tablet or laptop, saving you worry, stress and frustration. You can even share the document with other people at the meeting.

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Benefits, packages and products

  • LP Networks manage your Microsoft Cloud Subscription and incorporate the cost into your existing monthly subscription

  • Pay for what you need and increase or decrease your licences any time

  • Monthly billing and no annual commitment

  • No upfront costs for licence upgrades

Find out if you have the most suitable Microsoft Office package for your business

We also offer tailored bundles which include additional features that are compatible with the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

  • ATP - Advanced Threat Protection. A cloud-based email filtering service that helps protect your organization against unknown malware and viruses by providing robust zero-day protection, and includes features to safeguard your organization from harmful links in real time.

  • Backup – Microsoft do not backup your e-mail platform. If an email is deleted by default it’s only recoverable for up to 30 days from the deletion date. LP Networks offers an automated backup of Exchange, OneDrive and Sharepoint, backing up your data three times a day.

  • Exclaimer - A centrally managed solution for organizations to manage Professional Office 365 signatures for all users.

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