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Endpoint Security

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Endpoint Security IconAs technology advances, so does the way we access our networks and the reasons for accessing them. With increased remote working options available and use of cloud-based technology, ensuring your endpoints are secure is never more important.





What is an endpoint?

The way we access networks and the internet has become far more fluid, because now we can access systems using a wide variety of devices. This means that your team can access your network from their phone, laptop, tablet or even a smartwatch for example, and not even have to be in the office. These devices are called ‘Endpoints’ and, because they can be used to access files and data, they need to be secured.

What is endpoint security?

Every time a device connects to your network it can potentially become an entry point for criminals to access your files and data. Endpoint Security adds a layer of extra protection to ensure that your network is safe from criminals and hackers.

LP Networks’offer a range of Endpoint Security technologies which provide the peace of mind that your business is meeting GDPR requirements and Cyber Essentials.

We are partners with a number of top manufacturers as well as a Microsoft trusted partner, so we are able to source and supply the right laptops and devices for your business at the best prices.


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