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LP Networks show their support for #Care4Christmas

Posted 5th January 2022

Sometimes social media can be brilliant. Yes, we know we write blogs about being wary of sharing your password information in quizzes on Facebook, but social networks can also do a whole lot of good.

This month one of our team spotted #Care4Christmas trending on their social media feed and decided to find out more. #Care4Christmas is a campaign to provide gifts for people in need in our local communities. Given the pain that many have gone through over the last two years, it made sense for LP Networks to get involved. This year the Trussel Trust has announced that food banks around the country are braced for their most difficult winter yet.


The team at LP Networks got together and decided that we would see what we could donate to help local families in need. The response was amazing! Between us we gathered kitchen essentials like tableware, whisks, chopping boards, and mugs (there’s nothing quite like having a cuppa out of a brand-new mug) alongside comfort items such as dressing gowns and duvet sets. Andy also made a £40 donation and we ordered Jenga games and baby blocks to be shared out amongst children.


LP Networks have always prided ourselves at being in the centre of our community and donating to those most in need during the festive season has hopefully helped to make this December less stressful for some local families.

If you would like to take part click here

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