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Facebook Wi-Fi – a great way to improve your customers’ user experience

Posted 31st March 2022

Facebook Wi-Fi – a great way to improve your customers’ user experience

For businesses that regularly have customers physically spending time on their premises, the question that is often repeated throughout the day is, “what’s your Wi-Fi login?”. Handing out a login to your Wi-Fi network can pose numerous internet security problems. Firstly, it can potentially give someone with a bit of knowhow access to all your sensitive data, increasing the chances of a cyber-attack. Secondly, if you run card readers through your Wi-Fi system, there is also a chance that someone could access your merchant accounts.

Some businesses overcome this by creating guest Wi-Fi systems, but these can be fiddly to use and still require the customer to type in a password. How many times have you been in a venue and given up on the sixth or seventh attempt to login, purely because the password isn’t quite right or is too complicated? It doesn’t enhance the customer experience. However, Facebook Wi-Fi goes quite a way to solving all these issues.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi?

Facebook Wi-Fi allows your guests and customers to login to your Wi-Fi network directly through your business’ Facebook page. This means that the only password they need is their own Facebook password. It also means that you don’t need to share your Wi-Fi password with them. Imagine, no more chalkboards or bits of paper with login details written on them.

Beyond the security aspect, Facebook Wi-Fi also offers other benefits for small businesses. For starters, it automatically increases traffic to your business’ Facebook page making it far more visible. This makes it easier for you to communicate announcements or offers with your customer base and helps to deepen your social media analytics. If you think about it, asking people to login using their social media, means you can really start to discover who is using your business and what their interests are; that makes marketing much more effective.

Another bonus is that Facebook publishes a directory of businesses that offer Facebook Wi-Fi directory which allows users to search for companies that offer the service. Essentially, this is free advertising, putting you one step ahead of your competitors.

How much does Facebook Wi-Fi cost and is it difficult to set up?

Amazingly, Facebook Wi-Fi is free, all you need is a router that supports it. LP Networks are partnered with CISCO Meraki & Datto so we can provide quick and easily accessible internet and business network access. Meraki and Datto wireless access points support Facebook Wi-Fi as a login process. All you need to do is set it up (or ask some experts like LP Networks to do it for you).

Interested in using Facebook Wi-Fi to offer your customers a better experience?

If you’re interested in discussing how Facebook Wi-Fi can improve your customers’ user experience and increase your business’ visibility, our team are happy to chat about how our managed Wi-Fi solutions can help. Just get in touch for a chat.

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