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Fantasy Football 2018

Posted 7th June 2019

Fantasy Football 2018

To celebrate 15 years of success, LP Networks set ourselves a challenge to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

We know that people are regularly asked to donate to a multitude of fantastic causes, so we also challenged ourselves to come up with new and exciting ways to fundraise. And so, The LP Networks Fantasy Football League was born.

The 2018-19 Fantasy Football League was as fascinating and nail biting as the Premier League. 69 teams paid £10 each to compete, with 50% going to the British Heart Foundation and 50% into a prize fund. Compiled from LP Networks’ friends, families and client base, the team names didn’t disappoint either. Some of the publishable team names include No One Likes Me, PiqueBlinders, Tea & Busquets, Egg Fried Reus and No Kane No Gain. Special mention goes to Lee’s mum’s team ‘Mum’s Autoselect’ which comfortably finished mid-table despite a complete lack of management or substitutions.

In total Fantasy Football raised £617, which includes Manager of The Month prizes that were generously donated back into the pot by the winners. We would also like to thank Able Services who between them fielded 10 teams!

Burley’s Boys was the overall winner and claimed a prize fund of £180!
If you think you have what it takes to beat them and would like to take part for the 2019-20 season, keep checking back for more updates.

Kind regards,
Lee Pepper

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