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Lee Pepper talks about why businesses need professional IT support

Posted 14th May 2021

Lee Pepper talks about why businesses need professional IT support

As a Managed Service Provider, LP Networks has always believed that having efficient and reliable IT is a must for any business. In this month’s Masthead, Lee Pepper explains exactly how unreliable and slow IT can have a negative impact on companies and how using a Managed Service Provider can improve your business’ profitability.

We don’t believe in spoilers, but we think you’ll be staggered by the average cost of a cyberattack on businesses! When you read the amount and then consider the cost of having an experienced professional IT team at your fingertips it is as Lee puts it “a no-brainer”.

You can read Lee's full article on page 24 of The Masthead, the official magazine for the South East London Chamber of Commerce and if you’d like to have a chat about how we can help you halt the urge to throw your laptop out of the window, drop us an email.

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Being proactive with your IT and creating long-term IT strategy can provide your business with many benefits. Not only does it enable you to plan ahead, factoring in future costs that your business will incur, it also allows you to plan for potential catastrophic events such as natural disasters or cyberattacks.

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