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LP continue to support South East Enterprise

Posted 1st August 2021

LP continue to support South East Enterprise

LP Networks have always been firm believers in supporting small businesses in the south-east. We understand that running a small business can be stressful as we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we have decided to continue our support of South East Enterprise (SEE). SEE provides a wide range of assistance and services to SMEs across the south-east of England. All of their advisors have run their own businesses and understand the expertise and support that businesses need.

“Coming from that same background of starting a business alone and then seeing the work that Tony and his team do to help local entrepreneurs with their business start-ups and on-going training, I know how invaluable having that sort of advice and resource is to help you on your way. We are more than happy to do what we can to help SEE in that program”  Lee Pepper, Managing Director of LP Networks

Last year LP Networks offered SEE’s clients free IT Support from our experienced IT helpdesk team because we understood the issues connected with moving over to home working.
We saw what a difference our involvement made to their clients, so this year we have donated eighteen PCs for them to use. Ten will be used to replace the original ones that we donated a couple of years ago and will be placed in their training room. Two more will be allocated for office use, replacing one PC that currently takes thirty mins to boot up!
The remaining six devices are earmarked for exciting local expansion plans that they are looking forward to announcing soon.

The original ten machines won’t be heading to landfill though, they will be repurposed and used by other organisations that need functioning computers.

LP’s help has been invaluable for the staff and clients of SEE. Tony Goldstein, Managing Director of SEE recognises that, “Lee Pepper and his company LP Networks provide an invaluable service. However, it’s the support they provide outside of their regular day to day work that provides so much benefit to the community as they quietly go about using their skills and knowledge to help those small businesses who don’t have the means.”

We’re looking forward to continuing our work to help businesses and community organisations in our area, “Lee and the whole LP Networks team are clearly very community minded and without their help and support so many local SMEs would be the poorer for it”.


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