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LP Networks have been accredited as members of the Good Business Charter

Posted 17th May 2022

LP Networks have been accredited as members of the Good Business Charter

LP Networks are exceptionally pleased to announce that they have been accredited as the Good Business Charter members. As a forward-thinking business that prides itself in helping and supporting the local community and creating jobs for school leavers through its apprenticeship programme, Good Business Charter accreditation is the perfect next step.

Good Business Charter accreditation is specifically designed for businesses and organisations who want to be recognised for embracing responsible business practices. To become a member, a company must prove that it meets ten ethical components and that it’s committed to continued good business behaviour. Owner and founder Lee Pepper commented, “The team at LP Networks have always tried to make sure that we give back to the community that supports us, so this accreditation is a fantastic testament to all our hard work.”

The ten components cover a wide range of responsible practices covering everything from how employees are treated to environmental responsibility. As members, LP Networks must show that they pay their staff a real living wage and provide fair hours and contracts. The company also has to show that they take company well-being seriously and that their team are diverse and inclusive.

Firms also have to show that they take environmental responsibility seriously, reducing waste sent to landfill wherever possible. One of the ways that LP Networks has done this over the last few years is by donating reconditioned laptops to local charities and organisations. They also source products ethically, factoring in carbon footprints.

LP Networks is a Managed Service Provider and IT support service based in Eltham and covering the whole of London and the south-east.


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