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LP Networks secure reaccreditation for Cyber Essentials & Cyber Assurance

Posted 20th February 2023

LP Networks secure reaccreditation for Cyber Essentials & Cyber Assurance

We are delighted to announce that LP Networks have recently been reaccredited for both Cyber Essentials & Cyber Assurance.  

The IASME accreditation are backed by the Government and are designed to help businesses protect themselves against cyber-attacks.  This accolade ensures that our commitment to protecting both our client’s and our own data is demonstrated and that we maintain the required standards of cyber security.

More than ever, cyber security is a concern for businesses and organisations of all sizes and it is imperative and more often now a requirement that businesses are proactive in taking measures to protect themselves from threats to their cyber security. 

By being accredited ourselves, it provides our clients with a peace of mind that we take handling their data seriously. We know how vital it is to take measures to protect sensitive information and we have robust cyber security measures in place as a result.

We highly recommended other businesses obtaining a Cyber Essentials & Cyber Assurance accreditation. It’s a no-nonsense way to highlight your own commitment to effective cyber security and following its framework will also protect your business from some cyber threats too.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and are becoming sadly more common than ever. It’s vital that businesses take the threat that cyber-attacks pose seriously. Ensuring that you have protected your business appropriately should be at the top of your IT to-do list.
“As an IT company, we consider holding these two certifications as mandatory, we have to operate in a certain way and show to clients we take handling their information seriously. We use the certifications as a constant means to improve our own cybersecurity and also gives us a great platform to advise clients on the security landscape.”   Lee Pepper, MD. 

If your business is interested in becoming accredited then please get in touch 

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