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Reasons why it’s always best to be proactive with your IT

Posted 15th April 2021

Reasons why it’s always best to be proactive with your IT

How many times have you muttered “if only I’d known earlier” about things? Events where you have had to react to something and have found yourself on the backfoot, trying to fix a mess that could have been dealt with far more effectively if only you had known about it earlier. That’s why pro-active maintenance and remote monitoring of your business’ IT is so important. It provides the opportunity to fix something before it becomes a bigger (and potentially more expensive) issue.

LP Networks have always believed that being pro-active and anticipating IT issues is far wiser than dealing with them once they have happened and impacted on our clients’ businesses. That’s why we offer System Monitoring, a service that watches over your IT 24/7 and alerts us of any potential problems that may arise.

How does remote monitoring work?

Remote Monitoring works by using a Remote Monitoring and Management System (RMM) which keeps track of servers and workstations 24/7. It isn’t intrusive, users don’t know it’s there, but it’s a vital tool in ensuring that your IT is working perfectly.

Most of the work that our RMM does is out of office hours, installing updates and security patches to keep systems safe and performing server management at times when they are least likely to be in use. As an automated system, it delivers daily checks of both hardware, like laptops and PCs, and checks on the entire IT Infrastructure alerting our team of any problems or potential problems.

The RMM also monitors and resolves issues as they occur, meaning that if something goes wrong one of our team of IT experts will know about it and fix it as quickly as possible. It’s basically our eyes and ears into your IT system.

Why does my business need to use a Remote Monitoring System?

Well, aside from being our eyes and ears, alerting us to problems before they happen, an RMM system also ensures that all your business’ cybersecurity measures are up-to-date and running perfectly. Making sure that all of your anti-virus, anti-malware, and other cybersecurity systems are running the latest patches, shows that your company takes cybersecurity seriously, protects sensitive data, and can be used for Cyber Essentials certification.

Aside from that, you should also consider how costly an IT outage could be to your company, both financially and in terms of reputation. If you are reliant on online sales or your team does the majority of their work on laptops and workstations, how much would an IT outage cost you? Taking a more pro-active approach means that your business will be less likely to be impacted by a sudden IT failure. It’s very similar to having your car serviced regularly. If you take it for regular services and oil changes, you are pre-empting the fact that by not doing so, it could cause a more expensive problem. You rely on your car to get around, just like you rely on your IT to do business.

How can LP Networks help?

Our RMM system covers and monitors every section of your IT Infrastructure, including mobile devices, wireless controllers, firewalls, and domain and SSL certificates. With an automated ‘first fix’ system and a team of expert IT technicians, we work hard to make sure that your IT runs smoothly. Using RMM also provides us with the insight to be able to advise you of potential problems in the future and resolve them before they become serious.

To discuss our Remote Management System and find out about how we can give you the peace of mind that your IT is running smoothly, contact our team.

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