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SharePoint Consultancy

Posted 9th June 2021

SharePoint Consultancy

As lockdown and the sudden prospect of home and remote working loomed on businesses last year, many turned to Microsoft SharePoint as an effective way of maintaining business continuity. For those not in the know, SharePoint is a web-based platform that allows users to store and collaborate on files and documents in the Cloud. However, it also has many other functions and capabilities that you may not be using.

Think of it along these lines, have you ever had a situation where you’ve owned something for years and only realised that it could do something amazing a long time after buying it? A bit like finally realising that your car has cruise control. It could be the same with SharePoint. Learning how to use the programme properly could save your business time and money and could increase productivity.

This is why LP Networks have created a Microsoft SharePoinillt Consultancy designed to show businesses the full capabilities of the software they’re using. SharePoint is a fully customisable platform that can be tailored to specifically suit the needs of your business. Whether you need to integrate its dynamic search engine to make it easier to find documents or users, want to move all documents, so they’re saved on OneDrive instead of individual desktops, or want to create customised team and project pages to improve productivity, we can help.

As Microsoft Silver Partners, LP Networks know and understand every section of the software and platforms we supply, so we are in the best place to help you and your company tailor SharePoint’s offering to fit your needs.

If you started using SharePoint to cater for remote working during lockdown and now want to see what else the platform can offer your business, our team would love to hear from you.

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