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The UK is now a cyber power!

Posted 30th March 2022

The UK is now a cyber power!

This month the cyber security sectoral analysis 2022 was launched and it made some interesting and promising reading for our sector and for businesses at large.

The analysis is based on a study of cyber security firms, like LP Networks, based around the country and has followed their growth and output over the past decade. The UK now defines itself as a cyber power, partly due to what are described as “cutting-edge cyber security capabilities” and partly due to the growth of the cyber security sector.

Since 2018, the government has tracked the progress of 1,800 cyber security firms and the sector has shown impressive, double-digit growth with revenue growing to over £10billion a year. And, with the government’s National Cyber Security Strategy promising to work to keep the UK as a leading cyber power into 2030 and beyond, the cyber security sector has even more exciting prospects ahead.

How have LP Networks contributed to this growth?

One of the biggest takeaways from the analysis is that cyber security has created over 6,000 new jobs in the last couple of years. LP Networks continue to run our award nominated apprenticeship scheme which aims to give young people the real-life, on the job experience they need to become excellent IT professionals.

Alongside this we have developed and grown our cyber security offering, creating small business packages like LP Lite and LP Lite+, helping SMEs run safe and secure IT systems. And we offer government backed Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Cyber Security is undoubtedly a growing industry and, with 18 years’ experience in the industry, we feel amazingly placed to keep growing and embracing new technology.

You can read the full Cyber security sectoral analysis 2022 here.

Cyber Essentials Guide

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“To err is human, to forgive divine”, and while we’re less than likely to forgive cybercriminals for wanting to steal our personal details and hack our systems, it is possible for us to all make mistakes. 80% of breaches and cyberattacks are caused by someone clicking on a link in a phishing email or being directed to a fake website.

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