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Transferring your IT support to us is painless

Posted 8th February 2021

Transferring your IT support to us is painless

Imagine having an IT expert just at the end of the phone or an email. A person who stops you wanting to fling your laptop out of the window, answers the questions you might feel silly asking someone else and reassures you when something goes wrong and fixes it. That’s what an excellent IT Support Desk does, and LP Networks provide a perfect example.

We’re all busy at the moment and, for some, having an IT issue can be the straw that breaks the already overloaded camel’s back. With working from home and homeschooling, the last thing anyone wants is an IT issue that will break a deadline or an unresponsive IT department that gives a vague time for getting you back up and running.

LP Networks’ IT Service Desk has a team of IT experts who are there when you are, working during office hours Monday to Friday. Every ticket that arrives is dealt with by a dedicated member of staff and our customers are updated with its progress. Wherever possible, we’ll also work to fix your problem remotely, causing you a minimum of fuss and ensuring that you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

We also understand that every business is different, so our IT support packages are customisable, meaning you get a professional service that meets the needs of you and your company. It also allows you to continue to run your business safe in the knowledge that you’re supported by a team whose main aim is to keep your IT equipment safe and operating smoothly. From patch management and back-ups to device management and online support, we’re here to support you.

If you are a business owner and would like to chat about how LP Networks can support your business’ IT needs, drop us an email or give us a call.

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