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Using AI in my small business - Will AI affect my business cybersecurity?

Posted 1st December 2023

AI has been a hot topic for 2023, with the integration of AI (artificial intelligence) becoming a game changer for businesses in all industries. AI technologies harness incredible potential for efficiency, productivity, innovation, and optimisation for businesses. But with all new technological advancements, come greater threats to cyber security. As one advances, the other evolves. As businesses embrace AI solutions, ensuring strong cybersecurity measures becomes even more important to safeguard sensitive data and operations.

Ai in its nature, relies on data and complex algorithms that are incredible for enabling personalised customer experiences, process automation, assistance, and insights. Whilst this is powerful for business growth and productivity, it opens a door whereby threat actors can exploit these vulnerabilities to manipulate AI systems and compromise them.

Cybercriminals leverage AI to orchestrate sophisticated attacks such as phishing campaigns, targeted malware, and AI-generated deepfakes for social engineering.


Evaluating your business’ cyber resilience is even more important in the AI era.

Assessing your business’ readiness to embrace AI, whilst ensuring robust cybersecurity protocols are present is critical. This is what you should consider:


Data security measures

Data security measures are crucial for several reasons, especially when introducing AI to support sensitive information. Having data security measures in place not only will help you against data breaches but will ensure that you preserve confidentiality, mitigate insider threats and are in line with compliance. If your data were to be compromised, this could result in financial loss to your business as well as a lack of trust and positive reputation which can be detrimental. When considering if your business is ready for AI, make it a priority to make sure your data security is covered in the face of evolving threats.



Testing your security is crucial due to the unique characteristics and vulnerabilities associated with AI systems. Regularly testing your cybersecurity efforts can better help you detect adversarial attacks that AI systems can be susceptible to. Regular testing can uncover weaknesses and better assess how AI models respond to manipulated data. Testing evaluates the robustness of your security and validates the security controls of AI systems to see if they can withstand potential threats, enhancing trust and confidence in your measures. Regular testing will help your business stay ahead of potential threats and protect your assets and operations effectively.


Monitoring and Threat detection

Early threat detection can save your business heaps of time and money. Implementing monitoring and threat detection before integrating AI is vital for a few reasons. Exploiting vulnerabilities and threats that can impact the business early enables you to mitigate the risks and implement measures before they cause substantial harm.


Employee training and awareness

AI introduces new cybersecurity risks and challenges. Employee training and awareness to spot potential threats such as AI phishing attacks and respond effectively is important. Employees need to understand the security protocols around these threats and have adequate training to act fast. As human errors are often a significant cause of cybersecurity incidents, training in these areas helps reduce the potential risk by teaching them to adopt a security-conscious mindset and culture within the business.



Security compliance should be a priority for any business, especially when adopting new technologies such as AI. Compliance with data protection and privacy laws is essential and often have strict guidelines for handling sensitive information. When adopting AI, you’re opening your business to new threats and new opportunities to exploit sensitive data. Not only will compliance help you avoid penalties and legal issues but will give your customers peace of mind that their data is secure with an audited, security-certified company.



Whilst AI brings with it cybersecurity threats, it should still be adopted by businesses large and small. Ai can transform productivity and efficiency, whilst saving money and supporting business growth. With risk mitigation strategies and research into the security of AI tools – we know that security threats can all be avoided with due diligence and cybersecurity measures. As you adopt AI into your business, consider partnering with a technology provider that can support you in your efforts to maintain your security standards. Enable them to support you with a cybersecurity strategy tailored to your business in safeguarding your business data. Their knowledge and expertise in a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy can help you adopt systems and innovation to facilitate your growth in today's digital age.

AI offers immense potential to businesses, but it does require a proactive approach to security. Get in touch with us today to talk about cybersecurity for your business when it comes to adopting AI.

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