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What is a Cybersecurity Audit, and why do you need one?

Posted 21st January 2022

What is a Cybersecurity Audit, and why do you need one?

Cybersecurity is more than just making sure that your antivirus software and firewall are up to date. It’s about creating a rounded strategy that ensures that all sections of your IT infrastructure are protected.

Cybercrime is an ever-evolving and increasing threat. 2020 saw a 600% increase in cybercrime, and some experts estimate that ransomware attacks will cost businesses $6 trillion in 2021. Not ensuring that cybersecurity is front and centre within your business operations places you and your company at a higher risk of attack. But, how do you know if the measures you put in place are enough to protect your IT? That’s when a Cybersecurity Audit performed by external experts can be a helpful weapon in your armoury.

What’s a Cybersecurity Audit?

A Cybersecurity Audit looks at every part of your cybersecurity and identifies where there are gaps in your system that need to be plugged. It also creates an in-depth report that outlines how ready your company is to defend against cyber threats.

Typically, an audit consists of three sections.


Our team examines your existing system, including your computers and devices, servers, software, and databases. In addition, we look at your current antivirus and firewall provision and review who has access rights. The assessment is usually the part of the audit that highlights where you have gaps in your cybersecurity.


At this point, we then assign IT solutions to any gaps that we’ve discovered. This can range from advising on different hardware and software through to recommending that staff undergo User Awareness Training.


Once we’ve implemented our solutions, we then complete a final check to make sure that your system is operating correctly and that all our recommendations have made the desired difference. Think of it as a snagging exercise.

What we look for during a Cybersecurity Audit

No matter the size of the business being audited, it’s essential to assess the current cybersecurity provisions fully. Missing something can lead to security gaps that can leave systems vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals.

Check the age of existing security systems

As we’ve already mentioned, cyberthreats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, so it makes sense for cybersecurity systems to evolve at the same pace. Unfortunately, security software and hardware has an ‘End of Life’ date, and in the same way you would throw out food that was out of date, you need to do the same with non-compliant software and operating systems.

Identify where your threats may come from

A cyberattack can come from anywhere. It could be external, finding its way into your system through malware or weak passwords; it could be internal due to employee error or someone with an axe to grind.

Identifying weaknesses in your system and which direction an attack may come from enables you to be ready and prepared.

Recommend User Awareness Training

You could have the most up-to-date, state of the art cybersecurity system, but it only takes a member of your team clicking on a phishing email to make your firewall start tumbling down.

One of the best lines of defence is ensuring that your staff can recognise and identify a threat and know what to do. LP Networks provides User Awareness Training that combines simulated phishing attacks with up-to-date security awareness training. Using an integrated platform, employees can experience what they are learning in a safe space, making it easier for them to spot a threat in real life. It’s always good to be prepared.

Regular auditing is essential

When you own a car, you don’t just get it serviced once; you take it to the garage every year. Not doing so will cause your car to break down more quickly. It’s exactly the same with cybersecurity. A Cybersecurity Audit is only as up-to-date as the day that it is completed, and, as we all now know, cyber threats are constantly evolving. As a company that believes in a proactive approach to IT, we recommend annual audits, identifying any problems before they happen.

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