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What is a SOC - Security Operations Center?

Posted 25th April 2023

What is a SOC - Security Operations Center?

Think of a SOC as a high level CyberSecurity team of experts constantly reviewing data collected from your various platforms. Then alerting and remediating when abnormal behaviour or cyber attacks are detected. 

LP Networks remains on the front foot when it comes to cybersecurity, and as a Sophos partner, we will be encouraging clients, in both the local community and beyond, to extend their cybersecurity protection with our SOC service. 

It is not if you are going to be attacked, but when.

No, you are not too small to be targeted by cyber criminals; in fact because of your size, you could be considered the perfect target, especially if you are part of the supply chain to larger businesses and organisations.   Small businesses are a growing target for cybercriminals with 50% experiencing an increase in the complexity of attacks over the last year and 46% reporting an increase in the impact of attacks.  
Over the last few years, the question of if your business is going to be a victim of a cyber attack has changed to when, how often, and you are resilient enough to survive it. For many businesses, the sad truth is that they never recover from the first attack.  Current data reports that over 60% of small businesses will fail within six months of a serious cyber incident. 
LP Networks has always been focused on security. Our approach is rooted in risk management—we adapt our processes and technologies to today’s threat landscape, adding the appropriate layers of protection for our clients.

Below are the recommended standards that we advise all clients should be consuming as a base level of security.  

  • Proactive Patching, Alerting and System Management  
  • Integrated and Intelligent Perimeter and Endpoint Security  
  • Advanced Email Threat Protection (Email filtering) 
  • Identity Security with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)  
  • Security Awareness Training & Programs  
  • Backup in multiple locations for all platforms data resides on (e.g. on-premise services, cloud services like Office365). 
  • Create a Business Continuity (DR) and Incident Response (Cyber Breach) plan  

These layers have evolved over time and have arrived at a point where additional services are required to provide your business with the right level of protection. Along with this, many cyber-insurance providers are starting to reward investment in these kinds of tools, or also penalize organisations that aren’t. Ultimately, we are making changes to increase the level of protection available from us as a way to enhance your security posture and reduce the risk of breaches and ransomware.   

Regardless of the size or complexity of a business, we deploy the same tool stack to all clients, as every business is a target regardless of size or complexity. By implementing a SOC service, it will bring data in from client Endpoint devices, Firewalls, Office365 tenancy, amongst many compatible platforms.  

Move your Cyber Security arrangements from reactive to a proactive, aggressive ‘threat hunting’ approach with LP Networks SOC Service, get in touch to find out how!



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