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Why IT Strategy should never be reactive

Posted 19th June 2019

Why IT Strategy should never be reactive

It just takes one malware attack or system outage to make us remember why IT should never be reactive.

A lack of preparedness can hit organisations and businesses both large and small. Whether it is suddenly remembering that you didn’t back up the phone that you dropped or being attacked by a virus like Wannacry, which took down the NHS in 2017, those facepalm moments can be avoided with a good IT strategy.

LP Networks believe in a proactive approach to all of our IT solutions and create IT strategies for all of our clients. By doing this, we are able to plan for eventualities before they happen and ensure that our customers are able to carry on their day to day business. Single point of failure, or manage known risks should they happen.

Creating a sustainable long-term IT strategy can be extremely beneficial to your business for a variety of reasons.

Threats are reduced

Making sure that software and systems are up to date means there is less of a risk from outside hackers and internal system failures. One of the main reasons that Wannacry was so disruptive in 2017 was that the NHS didn’t keep their operating systems up to date. A simple software update, with new security patches would have kept their computers up and running.

Avoid the cost and disruption of system failures

A comprehensive IT strategy can ensure that your business doesn’t experience a system failure. Other than being a huge inconvenience, system failures can also be expensive. Whether it is through lost revenue or through the expense of losing data, no business wants to lose money.  Whilst your kit is in warranty it is like having an insurance policy, but once that warranty has expired there are several options to consider; buy an additional manufacturer’s warranty, buy a 3rd party manufacturer’s warranty (LP Networks can assist you here) or lastly, you can take your chances and cross your fingers and hope nothing goes wrong.

Your system is more efficient

LP Networks work alongside our customers ensuring that our strategies provide the most efficient and fastest systems for their needs. Running an efficient and well managed system means that your team can then be more productive and that they can focus on the tasks in hand instead of firefighting.

Providing training and understanding

Keeping your staff trained and up to date in the latest software changes and potential threats is vital for any IT strategy. Being proactive about training and information means that if the worst happens, your team will know what to do and who to speak to.

If you’ve read this and suddenly realised that you have been following a “shutting the stable door” approach to your IT Strategy, we would love to have a chat with you.  Get in touch with us on 0800 970 8980 or email us on enquiries@lpnetworks.com


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Being proactive with your IT and creating long-term IT strategy can provide your business with many benefits. Not only does it enable you to plan ahead, factoring in future costs that your business will incur, it also allows you to plan for potential catastrophic events such as natural disasters or cyberattacks.

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