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Why Reliable IT is valuable to any law firm

Posted 28th May 2023

Why Reliable IT is valuable to any law firm

In a world where our clients are increasingly embracing online communications and have become used to meeting virtually, it’s vital that law firms ensure that their IT infrastructure is reliable. Having IT systems and processes that you can be sure will work whenever you need them and are scalable as your firm grows and changes, can make your legal practice look more attractive to potential clients.

Reassure your clients with stability

Clients like stability and they like to know that their chosen solicitor will be there to represent them for years to come. Choosing a business or personal solicitor is about opting for a long-term relationship. With that in mind, making an investment in your IT systems shows that your firm plans to be here to stay. Additionally, it also shows that your firm is forward thinking, looking to the future and considering the most efficient ways of representing your clients.

Improved responsiveness

Maintaining a reliable IT system can dramatically improve your company’s responsiveness and therefore client satisfaction. Typically, a client expects a response to their communications within 24 hours, depending on the SLAs you have in place. Having an unreliable or aged IT system can create situations where you are unable to meet your SLAs and extend your client response times. This could be because of downtime caused by a lack of backups or could be as simple as a staff member needing to work from home for a day and being unable to access their files. Regular backups also mean that your important client files are always going to be safe and accessible if there is a system outage.

Keep your client information cybersecure

Using outdated systems and products that no longer receive developer patch updates makes them vulnerable to hacking and viruses. Patch updates are designed to plug security gaps in programmes as they arise and when that programme or app reaches the end of its life, developers stop checking for security gaps. While it may seem like a cost-effective solution to keep running out of date operating systems, the cost of a potential cyberbreach both in fines and loss of reputation far outweighs the cost of upgrading.

Increase productivity

Take a moment to consider how long it takes to fire up the PCs and laptops at your firm, or how long you have to wait for applications to load. Using newer devices and having a reliable Wi-Fi network can reduce wait times, thereby improving the productivity of your team. Less time drumming fingers on a desk waiting, means more time working on caseloads, creating faster response times for clients. Reliable IT can produce energy savings Modern laptops, PCs, and moving applications to the cloud requires less energy to run and produce less heat. By introducing new and reliable devices or technology into your offices, you can cut the electricity costs of running them and reduce the need for cooling devices such as fans and air conditioning.

Work with a reliable and experienced IT MSP

Just like law firms, LP Networks believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients. We’d much rather proactively work with you to improve the reliability of your IT than reactively deal with a catastrophic IT issue. If you’d like to talk to one of our team about how we can help you deliver an excellent service, get in touch.

Cyber Essentials Guide

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Being proactive with your IT and creating long-term IT strategy can provide your business with many benefits. Not only does it enable you to plan ahead, factoring in future costs that your business will incur, it also allows you to plan for potential catastrophic events such as natural disasters or cyberattacks.

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