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Why your business should be utilising the benefits of SharePoint

Posted 21st February 2020

Why your business should be utilising the benefits of SharePoint

As many businesses continue to embrace a digital transformation Microsoft SharePoint is becoming the popular option for cloud storage, data sharing, and content management.

If your business uses Microsoft Office, SharePoint seems like the logical next step to creating a cloud based collaborative workspace.

SharePoint’s web-based platform uses cloud storage, data sharing and content management to enable teams to collaborate by making it quicker and easier to find documents. It also adds a social aspect to everyday work tasks through Microsoft Teams.

There are numerous benefits to introducing SharePoint to your workplace.

Cloud-based sharing

The platform is based on the cloud making it perfect for businesses with multiple sites. Cloud working also provides the opportunity for increased flexible working enabling staff members to work from home. SharePoint allows access to files and conversations from any device connected to the internet and with access to a web browser. This means that staff members who travel to meetings can access important documents whenever they need them. This feature can improve productivity, reducing lost working hours from delayed transport, child sickness, and weather disruption.

Because SharePoint is cloud based, the platform can grow alongside your business, which removes the outlay of updating servers and protects your business from the risk of hackers or natural disasters.

Integrates with Microsoft Office

As a Microsoft product, SharePoint combines with any Office products that you already use. This allows your team to edit and update their Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in their browsers. All changes are saved in real time, meaning that there is less chance of error or oversight.

Documents are also easily shareable and users can view the edit history, with options to roll them back to previous versions.

Keep all your files in one place

By using a central hub, SharePoint stores documents in one easily accessible location. The option to create team pages can also increase productivity by reducing the time spent searching for relevant documents.

Customisable and adaptable

SharePoint is a fully customisable platform, meaning that it can be tailored to suit your business’ needs. From adding customised elements and creating team and project pages, to simply customising with your company logo, you can improve productivity and team loyalty.

Simple storage with OneDrive

By utilising OneDrive, SharePoint reduces the need to store data to local drives by saving and syncing files directly to the cloud. By saving everything to OneDrive, your business is covered against all eventualities and team members can access files that may have previously just been saved to individual desktops.

Easy searching

SharePoint’s dynamic search engine allows it to index a wide range of content. This can be documents and files or even users and external content. It also ranks documents based on how many times they’ve been viewed or edited meaning that any search will always pull up the most relevant documents first.

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