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4G Solution Project - ECMS

4G project

ECMS Ltd is proudly founded on family roots, with over 30 year’s experience in contract cleaning


The Brief/Challenge

ECMS Ltd is proudly founded on family-run roots, with over 30 year’s experience as a contract cleaning company

Located in the countryside, ECMS Ltd were having continuous internet issues. The primary circuit was an FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) Internet connection, this connectivity technology is based on a combination of fibre optic cable and copper cable. Due to the office being a substantial distance from the BT Exchange bandwidth was extremely limited. They also suffered from several periods of downtime due to tree branches fouling the line or damage from cars and farm machinery.

With their continuing success and expansion, coupled with a plan to migrate their IT Services to the cloud, this line would not be sufficient to support this growth and required a quicker, more reliable service.

Unfortunately, the excess construction costs and long lead time for a fibre service was far too great and they needed a quicker and more economical resolution.

The Solution

Speaking to LP Networks who have been supporting ECMS Ltd for a number of years about the problem, LP Networks researched several options, including the Fibre, Satellite Broadband and finally 4G. A company that offered a range of solutions to rural locations was identified and a Satellite solution was ordered.

There was the preferred first option, but due to the angle and line of sight, it was not possible to reach the satellite for services.

After some consultation with the provider, we arranged for a business-grade 4G antenna and router to be installed onsite. The 4G antenna was installed on the side of their office building to get the best signal. This 4G solution has a high-speed internet connection for the whole office at a much reduced cost.

The original FTTC line ECMS Ltd had was kept as a failover service and the firewall automatically switches over to this line if there are any problems with the 4G Connection dropping due to atmospherics.


Since the new 4G solution was installed, ECMS Ltd has a stable and fast Internet line for their expanding business with much-reduced loss of internet. 

  • Faster line (up to 10 times faster)
  • Seamless Fail-over to the FTTC backup line
  • Vastly reduced costs solution over the Fibre installation.
  • Enabled migration to cloud services


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