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Cyber Security Enhancements Case Study – Astell Scientific

Based in Sidcup, Kent, Astell Scientific is a leader in steam sterilisation, and has been supplying and manufacturing laboratory consumables, including autoclaves, to a global market since 1884. In this case study, find out how the company has used Kent IT company, LP Networks to further enhance their already robust cyber security defences, especially as they manage the sensitive data of numerous healthcare clients.

Cyber Security Journey

As part of our conversation with Astell Scientific regarding their IT Support road map, we discussed reviewing and implementing a strategy in order to make improvements to their cyber security. 

We recommended optimising Astell Scientific’s present cyber security strategy with the intention of protecting client data from theft or criminal misuse, by implementing various cyber security software and cyber security training solutions.

To fulfil Astell’s cyber security requirements, as the company’s IT support in Kent, providing managed services and IT security, we decided to add three additional products to their current cyber security strategy, which included:

  1. Implementing A Dark Web Monitoring Tool

A dark web monitoring tool is software that monitors and tracks millions of data points across the dark web, then sends alerts if it recognises a company’s domain name, its name, or any sensitive information connected to it, being misused.

What Is The Dark Web?

In short, the dark web is a hidden part of the internet not indexed by search engines. This ‘hidden’ aspect of the dark web means that to access it requires the use of specific protocols, software and configurations.

Why Was a Dark Web Monitoring Tool Right For Astell Scientific?

As a business, Astell Scientific is responsible for safeguarding the data of its clients as well as its own valuable and sensitive data. With a dark web monitoring tool implemented, their overall cyber security strategy now benefits from:

  • Early Data Breach Detection

With the early detection benefit of the dark web monitoring tool, any data breaches Astell Scientific should suffer can be dealt with before they become a major security threat.

  • Proactive Threat Intelligence

A dark web monitoring tool will provide Astell Scientific with proactive threat intelligence designed to monitor emerging threats and act accordingly to protect sensitive data.

  • Enhanced Compliance

Like many cyber security solutions, Astell Scientific’s dark web monitoring tool will help them remain compliant with data protection regulations, and avoid potential fines.

  1. User Awareness Training

User Awareness Training or Security Awareness Training, is a proactive approach designed to educate and train individuals throughout an organisation on how to recognise and mitigate risks associated with cyber security.

Why User Awareness Training Was The Right Solution for Astell Scientific

With a large team supporting global operations, Astell Scientific is a prime target for cyber attacks, and one of the most common ways cyber criminals attack is by exploiting human error or lack of ‘awareness’.

Therefore, user awareness training was the ideal solution to help enhance cyber security awareness among Astell’s employees, and in turn, empower them to create a critical line of defence against a whole range of cyber attacks.

How User Awareness Training Was Implemented at Astell Scientific

By utilising our customised training platform, we were able to determine where particular weaknesses and vulnerabilities could exist within Astell Scientific’s team, then tailor the user awareness training accordingly 

The user awareness training we provided consisted of a range of exercises, such as simulated phishing attacks, which showed participants how to recognise an attack, and what to do to prevent the threat becoming a security issue. 

We also provided a range of tools that Astell Scientific’s employees could easily access, including:

Phish Alert Button: Located at the top right corner of emails, a phish alert button allows Astell Scientific’s employees to instantly report a suspicious email.

Domain Spoof Tester: This tool allows Astell Scientific’s users to check if an email address is vulnerable to spoofing, where an attacker impersonates a known person or organisation.

Ransomware Simulator: This tool gives us, as Astell’s IT security provider, a way to test defences by conducting simulated ransomware attacks and monitoring the results.

  1. Password Management Tool

As a third new addition to Astell Scientific’s IT security strategy, we implemented a password management tool, helping team members manage passwords for online accounts more effectively, and more securely. 

The password management tool we implemented for Astell Scientific comes with a range of features, including the ability to:

  • Regularly generate unique passwords
  • Auto-fill login credentials
  • Sync across devices, including phones, laptops, and tablets

Why A Password Management Tool Was Right For Astell Scientific

Due to the large amount of sensitive data the Astell Scientific IT infrastructure manages, it was essential to ensure users were using unique and strong passwords every time they needed to access specific accounts.

With the password management tool implemented, users only require one master password, unique passwords are automatically filled, users are notified of data breaches, and they have the option of adding two-factor authentication. 

The Outcome

With these three additional security products added to Astell Scientific’s existing cyber security strategy, the company is now better equipped to prevent future cyber attacks, and to meet strict data protection regulations. These cyber security recommendations are just some of our recommendations as part of their IT support journey. 

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