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Axis Group

250+ user company

Axis Group is an award winning leading provider of high quality facility services for clients from a variety of sectors. They have sites across the UK. Their core expertise lies in the delivery of security, cleaning services and reception management.

Axis Group Requirements

• To design a single infrastructure bringing the whole business and recent
acquisitions across multiple locations onto a common and simplified
infrastructure, to include an Active Directory, Wide Area Networks and Phone
• Due to 24/7 monitoring centres, services cannot be disrupted during the work
• The infrastructure needs to allow for five years growth, without major

The Solution

We took a phased approach, building a new MPLS network alongside the existing infrastructure so that our client didn’t have to contend with any disruption to their services.

At the new Data Centre, we created the new Active Directory logon domain for business, which set the foundations of a single windows infrastructure throughout the group, allowing a phased migration. We built a new Hyper-V failover cluster to reduce the number of physical servers in the network and to support the current application servers now and for at least 5 years growth.

This infrastructure allowed us to start migrating parts of the business in a very controlled way, not having a ‘big switch’ gave the customer confidence systems were working, and we were able to bring companies or even parts of companies on board at separate times.

We linked the email servers, so we could move mailboxes around and allow continued service all the while these major changes were happening in the background.

The new infrastructure allowed the customer to develop a business continuity plan due to the simplified environment helping them to tender for new business.
We continue to work with Axis Group, and five years later are now upgrading the virtual infrastructure to keep it updated and enable continued growth capability.

Can I say a huge thank you for all your support over the past nearly 4 years. You have made my life a lot easier during the time I have been with Axis. People are often quick to say when things go wrong, but from me the two words THANK YOU are very simple but mean a lot. Look after yourselves and thanks for the occasional entertainment!

Neil Minter, Axis Security


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