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Case Study - Travel Agency Network Project

The Customer 

Our client is a Travel Agent who cater for scheduled flights to destinations in Latin America, North America, Africa, and Europe. 

Their highly qualified team have many years of industry experience and focus on meeting client requirements and expectations. 

The Challenge    

LP Networks have partnered with our client for many years providing a variety of Managed and project services. 

The Director of Travel Agency asked us to provide assistance with their office move. A site visit was arranged to test internet, network sockets and router. Also, as not to disrupt their business working day, it was requested that the office move be on a weekend which LP were only happy to do. 

The Solution 

So, using an agile approach, LP networks engineered or provided. 

  • LP Networks travelled to the new office in location to test the internet and network sockets 
  • LP Networks also tested the internet with new router 
  • Re-configured original the Draytek router with new credentials test connection. 
  • Installed Netgear Switch into the comms cabinet.
  • Network ports were not labelled, so we traced all ports, undertook troubleshooting and patch in - confirming each port was working ok. 
  • Ran the network cable along the wall from the basement to the ground floor front office so it could service a bank of desks which had no network ports. 
  • Setup network by Director’s desk 
  • Connected printers and test functionality. - Update Client and confirm all working correctly. 


The solution LP provided is a secure network, the users in the new office now have full set up, which we were able to implement with limited downtime.
LP can  now help resolve any networking issues quickly and efficiently by remote access on to our clients’ laptops.

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